Unlocking Organizational Performance

In the ever-evolving landscape of business, achieving organizational performance requires more than just a singular approach. At STRAAD, our differentiation is rooted in taking a systems approach and enabling our clients to navigate challenges and seize opportunities, resulting in remarkable growth.

STRAAD Stories: Meet JF Gratton, President at Standen's

STRAAD unlocks the full potential of leaders, organizations, and communities to make a meaningful impact on the world. We empower future-focused leaders to understand complex problems and systems and guide them toward successful, strategic change.

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At STRAAD, we specialize in empowering leaders who are navigating complex systems. Our deep expertise across industries and sectors means we can provide clarity to future-focused leaders so that they can pave the way for strategic change. We arm leaders with the insights and resources needed to anticipate future challenges, mitigate risks, and drive decision-making. We also deeply understand organizations and know what’s needed to help your organization drive sustained performance. Our purpose is to help leaders make a meaningful impact in the world.

Our Expertise

We are experts in systems, meaning we understand the complexities of the industries we support and the levers necessary to create high-performance. We believe future-focused leaders who have the knowledge and bravery to drive strategic change are instrumental in creating high-performing systems. The heart of any organization lies in the leaders’ ability to clarify their strategy, develop their teams, and align their culture to unlock organizational performance.

Our Insights

Uncovering systems and diving deep into industry trends – our insights tackle the complex challenges facing leaders today. From sharing key lessons and best practices to understanding the system dynamics at play and offering expertise from hands-on experience, you’ll find compelling content that will help you navigate your system and unlock organizational performance.

STRAAD Stories: Meet JF Gratton, President at Standen’s                 

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Case Studies

At STRAAD, we don’t just talk about organizational performance  – we make it happen. Dive into our case studies that showcase the power of our services: strategy development, leadership enablement & team effectiveness, organizational design, and culture alignment.


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A Deep Dive into a National High-Performance Sports Program's System and Strategy

Navigating Canada's Largest Energy Company through a Digital Evolution

Evolving Service Quality Through Culture & Leadership Development

Fueling Growth and Leadership at Scale in Non-Profit

Our Services

At STRAAD, we take pride in our service offering, supporting leaders, teams and organizations through strategy, leadership, and culture challenges. We partner with leaders to design and build the necessary interventions, activities and metrics, including strategy development, leadership enablement and team effectiveness, organizational design, and culture alignment that enable the path forward.

Strategy Development
Leadership Enablement & Team Effectiveness
Organizational Design
Culture Alignment








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